Organic food is very popular and good for health these days.

Empowering farmers with comprehensive solutions

With a firm belief that empowering farmers and prioritizing sustainability are essential for long-term success, magni dolores. Africot aims to enhance farmers’ livelihoods, preserve natural resources, and foster a sustainable future.


Africot’s Pledge

Africot believes that improving farmer’s livelihood would eventually lead to long term supply to the business.

AFRICOT provides an end to end solution to smallholder farmers by providing them with inputs, tools, skills and markets.

AFRICOT promotes climate smart agriculture through promoting organic production and farm practices that preserve and conserve natural resources.

AFRICOT practices fair trade by offering farmers premium prices for their produce thereby improving their livelihoods through better incomes and access to services.

AFRICOT promotes Gender equality and empower women.


Africot’s Pledge fulfilled

Since Africot’s commencement it has worked closely with farmer groups and contributed to transforming livelihoods through the following activities;

  • Built capacity of the farmers through trainings to enable them improve on their production
  • Distributed seeds (sesame and cotton) to use as parent seed stocks for their production
  • Distributed Tarpaulins for the various farmer groups to improve Postharvest processes
  • Distributed Oxen and ploughs to different farmer groups to enable them open more land for production