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Unleashing the Potential of Agriculture for Sustainable Development and Lasting Social Change
Know Us

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Founded by main principle of ensuring highest quality products, Africot has ventured into origination in Uganda working closely with network of farmers training them to sustainably produce world class Agro-commodities, invested in state of the art processing and packaging machinery just to ensure its products is safe, grown responsibly and in a sustainable way.

Africot is a leading Agro commodity player in Uganda, its Head Quarters are located in Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Working closely with its 10,000+ smallholder farmer base at ground level, Africot is able to offer through its extensive rural network coverage Good Farming Practices (GAP) to produce highest quality agro-commodities that guarantee premium prices.

Cultivating Growth,

Nourishing Communities
With in-house Logistical and warehousing solutions, Africot has made it possible to provide finest quality at timely delivery to its customers world wide, meeting and exceeding clients expectations.
Unwavering Motivation

We are driven by

We are driven by... passion, determination, focus and a sincere belief in improving smallholder farmer’s livelihood is key driver of agricultural development and its accompanying impacts on poverty, hunger, and socioeconomic advancement. We are committed to farmer-focused development that is participatory, demand-driven, and empowering, and we desire to work with public institutions to improve their capacities to provide sustainable services to farmers while avoiding the shortcomings of "projectization".

Fervent Commitment

We’re passionate about our work because.

We’re passionate about our work because... not only do we obtain highest quality products but also improves hunger and poverty, which is a critical step towards broader development and improved lives.


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